Tacoma Acupuncture is in network with the following plans:

Kaiser Access PPO, ( Does not include Kaiser Core or HMO)

United Health Care (does not include Community Plan or Medicaid/care plans)


First Choice Health

PIP on a case by case basis

WA State L & I – Only covers Low Back Pain as of 2022.

Plans we bill as an Out of Network Provider if you have Out of Network benefits:


Regence (if your plan allows for this)


About Medicare (Updated July 2022)

Currently Medicare as a stand alone health insurance only covers Acupuncture preformed by an MD or RN but not by a Licensed Acupuncturist. Crazy making, I know!

Some insurance companies, like United, have a Medicare rider plan that covers Acupuncture. If I am in network with that primary insurance plan and your additional Medicare plan covers Acupuncture then you can probably use your insurance for Acupuncture. I say probably because there is still the questions of if there is a deductible